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This is a photo of me taken on a hike somewhere near Mesa Verde, Colorado.  I have retired from the formal monastic life and now live in Victoria, B.C.

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The Beginner's Mind, a basic teaching of the great Zen master
 Shunryu Suzuki-roshi, seeks a comfort level with uncertainty. 
 It begins to untangle this tangle.

Middle Way Strategems

MWS offers consultation on practical ways to apply Zen inspired
concepts such as 'beginner's mind' to the realities which
confront normal lay life. This consultation can be useful to bring
resolution to personal issues or can be used to illuminate livelihood and business-related issues.

Wayne Codling has had the rare fortune to have spent most of
the past 30 years as a monk and participant in the emergence of
Zen in North America. Zen considers its teachings to be as
applicable in daily life as they are in the life of a monastic,
the so-called 'home leaver'. Zen history boasts many examples
of monks who leave formal practice to offer their practice to
lay society. Following in this ancient Zen tradition, Middle Way
Strategems seeks the interface between everyday life and traditional monastic practice.

Wayne leads group meditation sessions at Queenswood (the
beautiful retreat facility operated by the Sisters of St. Ann), here
in Victoria  (
More information at Queenswood). 

The Middle Way Strategems approach is spiritual, but not
religious. W
ayne brings a unique background to his coaching and teaching activities.  Drawing from extensive experience
with community, meditation and Buddhist study, Wayne is able to re-contextualize most thoughtful concerns in a way that is experienced as new, interesting and useful.  His  Middle Way approach values wisdom over certainty and kindness over rightness. These are the tools with which to craft a refuge from the stress and clamour of modern life. The MWS approach can bring resolution where conventional approaches cannot accommodate our uniqueness.

Wayne is available also for personal consulting in a life-coach capacity,
especially in any matter which one suspects might respond to a spiritual
approach. The practical support of a Middle Way analysis is spiritual
without being overtly religious. It offers very easily accessible methods
by which your birthright of spiritual power can be made an active ally.
These personal sessions can be arranged via Wayne's e-mail address.

For a description of current meditation courses, please click here.

If you are wondering if a personal coach would be of use to you, or if you are just curious,
please  write me . There's no risk.  The first session is free;
I will give my best response and hopefully everyone will come away with something of
value.  Those who wish to establish a continuing relationship will
know exactly what to expect.

© Middle Way Strategems, 2003

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