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Yin Yang Synbol
Testimonials and other Encouraging Words

I have known Wayne for over 30 years and have valued him as a person
and colleague. We both care deeply about people and have had many
conversations about the challenge of living in our fast-paced world,
with intention and compassion. I have found our conversations to
be rich and rewarding. His deep respect for all life is one of the
qualities that I feel enables him to be an excellent teacher. He is
genuinely curious about how each person sees and experiences life. Any
opportunity to spend time with Wayne will be very well spent.     
      Lynn Sumida M.S.W/ R.S.W.
      International Trainer and Consultant
      Co-author of The Extraordinary Within - Welcoming Change and Unlocking Our True    

I found the four-session meditation series to be very enjoyable and
very useful. Wayne is an experienced and respectful teacher with an
incisive and inquiring mind. Conversations with him have proved
insightful and powerful.  During the meditation sessions, I learned
how to sit correctly to channel the energy more effectively. The
discussions were relevant and led to insights for work and my personal
life. The Zen tips on mindfulness were intriguing and  I used them where I could in my daily life. I especially liked performing hidden acts of kindness. It's a great relationship booster.  Queenswood
is a marvelous venue for this kind of program and using the labyrinth for
walking meditation opened up a whole new appreciation for stillness and
Elaine Weidner
Success and Prosperity Coach
Victoria, BC
Thanks you so much for sponsoring these workshops.  The meditation both within the
classroom and walking is revealing of my impatience and the awareness
to slow down is most helpful.  The tip you give each week
that allows us a few days to work on, is very useful and I have gained
benefit from each you have given.  I enjoy your sense of humour,
honesty, personal sharing and the wisdom you are passing on.
Thanks for being here and sharing the Middle Way with us.  May we
all be aware of the potential for greater enlighenment - forever
and ever - amen.
      Toni Graeme
The key things I have taken away from the course I attended is
the ability to be conscious of the present, to slow down and truly focus on
what is happening "now" and to be aware that there is a "middle way".
I wish you well as you establish yourself in this community.
Joanne Solomonson RN, BN, MHA, CHE, CEC
CEO Luther Court Society/Housing Foundation
Victoria BC Canada

Thank you Wayne for the opportunity to explore Zazen Meditation in an
peaceful beautiful environment. My experience has been one of discovery
and a sense of developing an inner peace.  I believe that any and every
individual could benefit from being "unplugged" from daily routine to
explore a sense of self. In the sessions I experienced great group
dynamics. I benefited and enjoyed the group discussions and contributions
by everyone. I certainly will be recommending this experience to my friends.
Donna Lumley